Hearts & Homes

  Hearts & Homes Katie’s Story I’ve taken great care in constructing my home. Not the physical house—there’s, like, a one-in-five chance every day that I’ll fall in the parking lot walking in heels to work each morning—so I stay away from hammers and nails when possible. No, I mean home – not just a […]


Hello Everyone! We are so happy to announce that the books are finally published and now available! You can pick one up at the Writing Center on Wittenberg University’s campus. You can also see the pdf version HERE.  You can also watch our the recording of our live event HERE! Thank you all for your support […]


Avery’s Story How do we know who we are? It’s that big mystery in life; an enigma. It took many years for me to sort this out. I’ll start with this: I am a transgender person. I’m also a United Church of Christ Pastor. Society says being a transgender person is not natural; it’s not […]

Our Geographical Palette

Our Geographical Palette Rick’s Story Most of the time I don’t feel like a Springfielder. I think I would be a different person if I grew up here. I care about this city and especially the LGBT people in it so I try to be an advocate for them, but I don’t think I would […]

Culture Fest

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Culture Fest and who stopped by our booth! We loved seeing everyone and had a great time hearing everyone’s six-word memoirs. Springfield is so diverse and we cannot wait to share the wonderfully moving stories we have collected on the LGBT+ members of this community. We […]