Our Stories

Our stories are now published digitally here and hard copies are also available at the Wittenberg Writing Center or by request.

Please contact Lauren Instenes at instenesl@wittenberg.edu to request hard copies of the Facing Intolerance Book.

We are excited to also bring you the video of our live event performed on November 19th at the Springfield Museum of Art. This production is based off of the fourteen stories published in our book and was put on through the Wittenberg Department of Theatre and Dance. There are two acts that are about 30 minutes each. We hope you enjoy our production!

Facing Intolerance in Springfield
Written by: Lauren Instenes
Director: Jillian Stout
Stage Manager: Chloe Bruchett
Hannah Mattison
Brady Fox
Kim Estenson
Stone Gibson
Tai Jones
Hannah Reynolds
Kamilla Jensen
Sarah White
Annie Kostell
Noah Perry
Carson Betts
Ethan Hughes
Tierra Smith